Составить письмо другу. Не сложное для 5 класса, английский только начался

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Составить письмо другу.Не сложное для 5 класса, английский только начался.

  • Dear Kate!
    Thank you for your letter !
    I am so happy to write letter to you! I heard that on these autumn holidays you was in Kislovodsk. What is your apinion about it? I just wanna to go to the Kislovodsk with my family. I think that it will be not hard to you to tell me about it. Goodbye . With love - Ed.
    P.S : Best regards to your parents . По любому будет пять

  • Dear Sasha,
    Hi! How are you? I was so happy to read your letter! Thank you for the news. My Family and relatives are good, and what about yours?

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