Составить диалог-рекламу, то есть чтобы в диалоге кто-то порекомендовал что-то. Минимум 10 предложений

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Составить диалог-рекламу,то есть чтобы в диалоге кто-то порекомендовал что-то. Минимум 10 предложений. 

  • - Hello, sir, how are you?
    - I'm good, thanks.
    - We are introducing a new car diagnostic tool. Would you be interested?
    - Well, I don't know yet. What does it do?
    - It connects to a car using com interface, reads the information off the car's systems thus helping you troubleshoot an issue!
    - Uh, that's interesting. Is it compatible with Nissan Altima LS 2007?
    - Absolutely! Have a look on this compatibility list, right here, is it your car model?
    - Indeed.
    - You may also reset several components' counters using this tool.
    - That's great. I'm buying it. What us the price?
    - The regular price is 89.99, but today we have a special promotional price. If you provide us with your email address, you'll get a 30 percent discount. In this case you pay only 60 dollars!
    - Sure. Here it is: [email protected]

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