Составить 5 предложений со словами Schedule agendamanage listdetailed

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Составить 5 предложений со словами 

Schedule                               agenda
manage                                  list
detailed                                  time
to-do                                     activities
extra-curricular                       assignment

  • 1. I have a very tough schedule next year, I am going to have 6 classes per day! 
    2. This assignment is very detailed and clear, but I still don't understand how to manage writing about my summer experiences in one page only.
    3. There are so many after-school activities you can be involved in.
    4.  If to look at the long-term effect, than smoking is definitely not worth it.
    5.  So on today's agenda we have a discussion of your current academic standing and a possibility of withdrawal from the high school.

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