Составь предложения с фразамиin the middle of, next to, bexind, in front of the, opposite, on, in, between, in the cornerof the roomС КАЖДОЙ ФРАЗОЙ ПО ОДНОМУ

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составь предложения с фразами(in the middle of,next to,bexind,in front of the,opposite,on,in,between,in the  cornerof the room)


  • 1. My bed is in the middle of the room.
    2. Table near a window.
    3. The lamp is behind the books.
    4. The carpet is placed in front of the room.
    5. Wardrobe is opposite the door.
    6. The phone is on the table.
    7. The closet is the picture.
    8. Between my photos was a lamp.
    9. In the corner of the room was my umbrella.

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