Сообщите утверждения. Помогите пожайлуста.1.Ann:”Give me a book by T. Shevchenko, please.”2.Dan:”Tell me more about this colletion of poems, please.”3.S

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Сообщите утверждения. Помогите пожайлуста.
1.Ann:"Give me a book by T. Shevchenko,please."
2.Dan:"Tell me more about this colletion of poems,please."
3.Steve:"Don't forget to write a book review for Monday."
4.A teacher:"Read the book about T.Shevchenko's literary activity."
5.A teacher:"Learn one poem by Lesia Ukrainka by heart." 
6.Jack:"Don't express your opinion about the book you haven't read."
7.A librarian:"Write a letter to the author of this book,Ann."
8.A teacher:"Draw a picture to your favourite poem,children."
9.Miss Alison:"Look at the photo of the monument to Taras Chevchenko in Washington,D.C." 

  • 1. Ann asked to give her a book by T. Shevchenko
    2. Dan asked to tell him more about that collection of poems
    3. steve asked not to forget to write a book review for monday
    4. a teacher asked to read the book...
    5. a teacher asked to learn the poem...
    6.jack asked not to express my opinion about the book i hadn't read
    7. a librarian asked ann to write a letter to the author of that book
    8. a teacher asked children to drow a pocture to their favourite poem
    9 miss alison asked to lookat the photo...

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