Сочините сочинение Мой день, по английскому. Я учусь в 6 классе встаю 7 30.И в женском роде

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сочините сочинение Мой день ,по английскому .Я учусь в 6 классе встаю 7 30 .И в женском роде .

  • Hey! My name is Nastya, i live in (напиши,где ты живешь),Russia. I study at school, in 6th grade. Usually I wake up at 7.30 am,I put my clothes, then I eat and go to school. Often I have 6 classes in day. After school I go home, do my homework and I go to my friends. We are walking a couple hours and then I have to go to music school (или куда ты ходишь). After my music classes I go home and at home I like to watch TV and play with my cat. Sometimes I help my mother with home chores.After it I go to sleep at 22.30 So, that is my day.

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