Сочинениена Английском на тему: Здоровый образ жизни

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Сочинение(на Английском) на тему: Здоровый образ жизни

  • Essay "Healthy Living."
    Healthy lifestyle - this is proper nutrition, daily sports and fresh air. All these features ensure a healthy life. People who exercise live longer than their peers. Proper nutrition improves the skin and the organism. Fresh air is also useful for the body.
    Being healthy - the natural desire of every human being. Health - the concept is not only biological, but also social. Good health - a joyous sense of life, a high capacity for work. In our country, the health of each person.
    For health, many procedures are used. For example - the water treatment. It protects the body from various diseases, especially colds. Also sun.
    Generally a person who watches over the health, has many advantages. He always knows that you can not harm your health. They are taller, have more weight and chest circumference, muscle strength and vital capacity is higher. To preserve and maintain the health of people, are important: working conditions, cost of living, a way of life, state of health. All of these people's lives are determined by the social structure of society.

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