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Мой дом на английском

  • The house of my dream must be a comfortable well-planned two-storeyed cottage. Not so large of course. It should be situated in a quite ecologically clean place or street. In front of the house I want a green lawn and flowers to be. And also a big shaggy dog should live in his booth in our yard. There must be a large kitchen, a pantry, a dining-room, a cosy sitting-room with a fireplace and big windows on the ground floor. There should be bedrooms with with the own separated bathrooms on the first floor, and somebody`s study upstairs. And my room should be in the garret. And a balcony also should be. Also I want to have a modern and quite new furniture. But the main thing that I do not want to do is to pay a lot of money for the house and the furniture for many years before I can call this house my own. There should be a lot of trees, a pond or a fountain. It is necessary if my house be strong and well-defended with a beautiful fence.
  • my house very big. in it there are a lot of rooms. kitchen, hundred-fishing, bedrooms, bathtub, drawing room and father's office. my most favourite rooms it is my room and a drawing room with kitchen. it is possible to eat, watch TV and play in the computer. well and certainly to make lessons :-)

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