Сочинение про еду на англиском

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сочинение про еду на англиском

  • сейчас напишу , ты какой класс?  что   бы тебе по возрасту было 
  • People around the world eat different food , because each country and the people in it have their own ideas about what is good to eat, and what is the best diet for them.
    My family is not big. It consists of four members. But every member of our family has their own interests and tastes.
    Breakfast in our family is a very large and rich food. We have not only toast with butter , jam honey , but the sandwich with cheese, ham or sausage and scrambled eggs or cereal as well. We prefer tea for breakfast more often than coffee. But my younger sister prefers juice. She loves orange or grapefruit juice. My mother has a light breakfast of yogurt and tolkooranzhevy . My father loves cornflakes with milk or sandwiches.
    As for me, when I get up in the morning , what can I do , it's a glass of juice or mineral water , I can not eat anything. Even after a shower I'm not ready for breakfast. My stomach wakes up at about 10:00 am, and I was really hungry . I can go vshkolnuyu dining room and eat there.

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