Сочинение почему со мной дружат

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сочинение почему со мной дружат

  • Everybody should have a friend. Life without friends is boring and tiresome. You don't know what to do, how to entertain yourself and even a single mate is able to make you happier.
    As for me, I have many good pals around. We like to spend our free time together. We have common interests, we may discuss school problems together, or just watch a good film in silence. It is no wonder, that when I am with my friends it is interesting for us even to stay silent. It is important when you understand what is better at the moment: to be merry and noisy or serious and calm. It is great to have people whom you can trust as to yourself. It is necessary to share your problems and happiness with true friends. Perhaps people respect me because I understand everything that I have just described and I try to follow simple rules of friendship.

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