Сочинение по теме : Is it dangerous to fight aggressin with aggression ?

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сочинение по теме : Is it dangerous to fight aggressin with aggression ?

  • In today's world , each of us has the opportunity to not only meet with scalps against him man but himself to play the role of the aggressor. For some, the reason for this conflict to work for someone - the behavior of drivers on the road , for someone - hazing in the army. Of course , it is impossible to assess the level of aggression only on the recorded data , which is what , for example, allegations of violations, criminal statistics or statistics of suicides.Aggression can be directed to the person who hinders the achievement of objectives of the surrounding objects to those who are not to blame, but simply " to hand " or by itself , the so-called autoaggression . You can talk about the intentional or accidental aggression , instrumental (to reach a certain goal ) or hostile ( to hurt someone .)To avoid becoming a victim of aggression , you must adhere to the following printsipov.1.Ne afraid aggressor , stay confident.2.Postaraysya remain calm , speak slowly , clearly and firmly .3.Do not be rude in return and do not fight me .4.Use (choose ) the following strategies of behavior:- firmly and confidently say that you do not like such treatment ;, joked in response ;- quietly go away ( do not run away !)- Ask for help from friends or older , if you can not handle himself .

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