Сочинение по Англ. яз про моего соседа

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Сочинение по Англ.яз про моего соседа

  • Recently, I was struck by one case. I was talking with a friend at the door of his apartment , and now came to the door in front of a man of advanced age , and silently opened and as silently as if not noticing us , went to his apartment . " Who's that? " - I asked in amazement . He shrugged indifferently , "Probably a neighbor ." I do not even know what to say , since such relations neighbors seemed strange to me . Even though my friend lives in this house , as it turned out , most recently , could not justify the situation.From the outset, our land , compiled and retained certain moral norms of relations with its neighbors. Very often they are even referred to as the second family , which are sometimes closer than family . And happy is the family that lives in peace with all its neighbors ! Who but they were the first to come to the rescue when an unexpected disaster? Who, if not they will share with you happiness , will warn of danger? And sorrow and joy - everything is divided " in a neighbor's ."And to achieve this , we must not feel sorry for the people of goodness of his soul. This - the main guarantee a happy neighborhood. Tell you what, tell me, my friend stopped by to say hello to an elderly man ? "I do not know him ! " - So he answered my question. So what? Perhaps it is with this greeting and begin a friendly relationship ? It is only then would be: and help when you offer your hand , and caring for a sick neighbor - the grandmother, and proposed an interesting book ... As you will understand that the neighbors - it is much more than the people who live nearby. This is - a part of your life.And you do not loose themselves or friends make a mess in the hallway, to paint the walls . Not grohnesh entrance door in the face of a neighbor , thou shalt not compel all hours of listening to your favorite tunes that sound on full force.So how do you meet every day smiling expensive , though nonnative , eyes . And you, too, smiled at them , she said:- Good day to you !

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