Сочинение по англ. на тему “Черты характера русских”предложений 10-15

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Сочинение по англ. на тему "Черты характера русских"
предложений 10-15

  • Mercy, friendliness , kindness always decorate person. Some people , regardless of age, never lose their beauty - the beauty of a person turns to the beauty of the heart , the beauty of the soul. There are many examples of human involvement , generosity , beauty of the human soul. After all, our life is made up of tiny gizmos - smiles and good deeds. Probably around a person has an opportunity to show kindness and mercy. True charity - is the willingness to help someone or forgive someone or something out of compassion , humanity . This desire to benefit others , without thinking about the reward. It is believed that beauty will save the world . But to be more precise, the beauty will save the world of the human soul.Charity - a traditional feature of the Russians. Back in the late nineteenth century in Russia there were more than three thousand charities guardianships . You can name a lot of people who suffered and are good in our lives who have dedicated themselves to serving others. Let us recall the first nurses who are not just so called sisters of mercy. Genuine compassion disinterested. Terrorist attacks , floods , earthquakes , natural disasters bring people a lot of grief . But it is precisely in such situations, the Russian people brings out the good feelings . All the peoples of Russia and other states provide all possible assistance to the victims : give blood , transfer money , bring things, food , toys for children .

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