Сочинение о еурте кобейне на английском плиззззз , только не с википедии

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сочинение о еурте кобейне на английском плиззззз , только не с википедии

  • Curt Donald Cobain was born on February 20, 1967 in Grays Harbor hospital in Aberdeen, the State of Washington[], in a family of housewife Wend Elizabeth (a maiden name of Fradenburg) and mechanic Donald Liland Kobeynov. At Cobain's family tree there were Irish, English, Scottish and German roots .

    In 1875 Cobain's Irish ancestors migrated from the county of Northern Ireland of Tiron  to Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, and then to Washington . On April 24, 1970 Cobain had younger sister of Kimberley .

    At the age of two years at Curt abilities to music, which isn't surprising, were shown as he was born in a family of musicians. According to Mary Earl's aunt, sister Wend, in four years the boy sang and wrote songs. She even tried to teach him to play a guitar which she played, however it turned out nothing. Curt liked to listen to songs of such groups, as The Beatles and The Monkees; it quite often happened on rehearsals at Mary Earl's aunt and uncle Chuck Fradenburga, brother Wend, acting at that time in country ensemble. Cobain was described as the happy, excitable and sensitive child. When he was 7 years old, Mary Earl's aunt presented to him a drum set "Mickey Mouse"

    But in 1975 (Curt was only 8 years old) Kobeyna divorced. Wend claimed that her husband almost didn't find time for a family, and instead preferred trainings on baseball and basketball. Donald didn't wish to leave the wife, however as a result they dispersed. All these events made big impression on the boy: "It became gloomy — remembered Wend — angry, cynical, closed in itself"
    Поставь "Спасибо",если не сложно:)

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