Сочинение не большое про частную и государственную школуотдельнона англ. языке, помогите пожалуйста

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сочинение не большое про частную и государственную школу(отдельно)на англ. языке,помогите пожалуйста

  • 1. Russian educational system includes pre-school education,
    secondary education and higher education.

    2. Pre-school education isn’t compulsory – children
    can get it at home.

    3. Children learn to read, write and count, they also
    paint, sing and dance.

    4. Secondary education in Russia lasts 11 years and is free of charge.

    5. It consists of primary, middle and upper stages.  

    6. The first level may start at the age of 6 or 7 and continues for 4

    7. The second level is 5 years with a wide choice of subjects.

    8. The third level is 2 years of instruction.

    9. The aim of the secondary school is to provide pupils with a solid
    scientific foundation in the main subjects.

    10. Every pupil can choose a subject, which he or she wants to study.


    17. 18.

    19. After the 11th form, pupils must take exams to have the
    right to enter a higher educational establishment.

    20. At present, there are some private secondary

    21. Parents must pay money for education of their
    children at these schools.

    22. There are also lyceums and gymnasiums in Russia.

    23. There are specialized schools, which specialize in
    arts or sciences too.

    24. Schools in Russia are generally controlled by
    the government.

    25. Pupils go to school 6 days a week.

    26. Classes last 40 minutes.

    27. After finishing the secondary school, pupils can continue their
    education in professional and higher educational establishments.

    28. Nowadays, pupils generally try to enter a higher educational

    29. Students even get their scholarship, but one must take exams, which
    are very difficult, and get a certain number of points. 

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