Сочинение на тему:”What does it mean to be a good son or a good daughter?”

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сочинение на тему:"What does it mean to be a good son or a good daughter?"

  • A good daughter in the family means a lot...first, there is help and будующая runs in his family. It Udet to help her mother in the house chores ,cooking dinner...Only if this daughter has дивиантными signs. They say the Apple from the Apple tree not far уходит.Т.е we can learn daughter mother,because my mother is основопологающая good daughter....If дивиантна ,and daughter will be the same....and if the mother домовита ,and daughter ,cook,wash ,wash ,clean....Great importance in the development of дочерии plays the father,it depends on him ,behavior daughter ,in terms of sexual relations ,it is the image of the father helps her in choosing a life partner. A good daughter never say a harsh word to her parents,to help them in old age ...And please frequent visits.

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