Сочинение на тему: транспорт будущего

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Сочинение на тему: транспорт будущего

  • transport of the future

    When I imagine the future , I think it will be more modern than seychas.Bolshe students will not sit at their desks and will not be , not what to write, speak and be all notebook itself will go on roads pisat.Na marrkah old and new stamps will be on fly they will open up and two seats . A child might even be able to drive this car because it is very easy to handle talking to the right of the machine turned itself into a right back saying she rents ago . Rodivsheemusya Each person will be given to the car. And until the child has learned to speak it stands in a tent ( special for car ) . Public transport generally will not . so here I introduce to transport in the future .

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