Сочинение на тему ” I Have got a flat” 7-10 предложений Заранее благодарю

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Сочинение на тему " I Have got a flat" 7-10 предложений  Заранее благодарю



  • I have got a flat. It is neithet big, nor small. There are three rooms in it. They are two bedrooms and a living room. Becides, we have got a spacy kitchen , a bathroom and a hall. My flat is light and cosy. The living room is next to the hall. There is a big TV set on the wall just opposite the sofa. The sofa is near the window. Besides, there are many flowers on the window sills. Our guests find the living room very cosy. My bedrooms are nice, too. Our kitchen is full of modern equipment. We have just bought a new stove, a sink and a dish-washing machiene. It is pleasant to cook here.
    My flat is in the new modern building. There are many neighbours here. They are friendly and hospitable. We visit each other sometimes. All in all, I like my flat and my house a lot.

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