Сочинение на английском на тему достопремечательности Рязанского Кремля

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сочинение на английском на тему достопремечательности Рязанского Кремля

  • Ryazan Kremlin was founded in late 1095 . Stone citadel stands on the site of wooden buildings in the XV century and periodically being completed until the XIX century.
    Researchers believe that the design of the Assumption Cathedral in the skill can be compared only with the finish of the Faceted Chamber in Moscow and the Church of the Nativity in Nizhny Novgorod.Heart of the Ryazan Kremlin - Cathedral of the Assumption is build in the period from 1633 to 1699 years. He stands at the top of the Kremlin hill and is visible for 20 miles from Ryazan. The building is styled Moscow Cathedral of the Assumption . It was designed by architect Jacob Bukhvostova serf . The temple is decorated unusual white stone carving , with no detail pattern is not repeated. Near the temple stands the bell tower ( 1840 ) .
    Another magnificent temple of the Ryazan Kremlin - it 's Archangel Cathedral . It was built in the XV-XVII centuries , is one of the oldest buildings of the Kremlin complex. This former princely house church and at the same time - the tomb of Ryazan bishops. Despite the significant restructuring after a fire in 1647 , the cathedral has preserved the typical signs of architecture of the XV century.
    Church of the Holy Spirit - an architectural monument of the first half of the XVII century . It was designed by the same architect as the Church of the Epiphany - Vasily Zubov. It is a rare example of a temple dvuhshatrovogo type. In this building there is a scientific library .
    Church of the Epiphany - an architectural monument middle of XVII century , built on the site of an ancient white stone church of the XVI century , destroyed by fire in 1647 .
    The oldest stone building in the Kremlin - Cathedral of Christ is that until the XVII century called Old Assumption . Built in the XV century church in its history repeatedly restored and being completed , so a significant portion of its elements of the XIX century. Originally the cathedral served as a citywide church and was the burial place of the Ryazan princes and princesses .
    Transfiguration Cathedral was built at the turn of XVII-XVIII centuries.
    Apart from the ancient temples and churches, you can see buildings of the XVII century. These include Archbishop's Palace or the House Oleg - the largest civil construction Ryazan Kremlin , singing two storey building, made ​​of brick , Consistorial building, built in the same style as the Bishop's House. The building housing the Consistory is one of the most unusual exhibitions - Museum Theater entitled " When talking things." Also here is an exhibition devoted to the interaction of man and nature .
    Located on the territory of the Kremlin Ryazan Historical and Architectural Museum -Reserve. Exposition includes Old Ryazan treasures samples embroideries , wood sculpture , women's jewelry in silver and gold XII-XIII centuries . , Ethnographic collections, etc. The Museum -Reserve is a unique archeological monument - fort Staraya Ryazan (XI-XIII century ) . This ancient capital of the Ryazan principality . Near his fierce battles with the Tatars . Reserve Now " Staraya Ryazan " archeological excavations have found 16 treasures.

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