Сочинение – какого бы я хотела себе соседа по комнате

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сочинение -какого бы я хотела себе соседа по комнате

  • Perfect roommate
    I think,that perfect roommate must be kind and funny.He can support you in times,when you feel bad.Moreover,he should be tidy and tlerable.Common language is easiest to find the man of your age,isn`t it?Sharing a room with a person your age is a great experience.You just can do anything you like,but don`t  interfere anyone your "affairs".Just do first action and you will see - your roommate can become your friend,and moreover - best friend!But you must remember,that he also a person like you,and he can have problems,like your.Don`t forget about it and help your roommate and it will be all right.

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