Сделайте задание и переведите все, пожалуйста:*

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Сделайте задание и переведите все, пожалуйста:*

  • 1. leave
    2. Traveled
    3. runs
    4. read
    5. flies
    6. lived
    7. lives
    8. fly
    9. suffer

    He likes his quiet life. He leave his village.For two years, Jason traveled all over the continent and at last he settled in a little town in South Africa.I can't imagine him sitting quietly at home in front of the TV. He runs somewhere since the day he was born.When Chris was a little boy, he read a lot about travellers, pirates and sea adventures. No wonder he has become  a sailor.Maggie's plane must be somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean. She flies for two hours already.The Browns lived in Canada for three years and then they moved to America.The Browns lives in America for six months already.I love travelling by air, but I fly for two years.For many centuries travellers in Africa suffer from unknow diseases but now doctor can help in most cases.

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