Say what you have to do and don t have the do at school. Example:l have to learn Russian and English. But l don t have to learn German or

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say what you  have to  do  and  don  t  have  the do at  school.
Example:l have to  learn  Russian and  English.But  l  don t have to learn  German  or  Chinese.

USE:learn Germa  (English, Russian,Chinese), bring  textbooks to  school,write  poems and stories,read textbooks,answer  teacher  s  questions in  lessons,take exams  every  year,do homework,read  newspapers  and  magazines,take  photos,wear a  school  uniform,join  school  clubs  ets.

  • I have to bring textbooks to school. But I don t have to take photos.
    I have to read  textbooks. But I don t have to write stories.
    I have to do homework. But I don t have to read newspapers.
    I have to answer teacher s questions in lesson. But I don t have to read magazines.
    I have to wear a school iniform. But I don t have to join school clubs.

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