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розповіть на тему "Мій домашній улюбленець"

  • My favourite domestic
    animal is a puppy. Its name is Chapa.

    It was
    afternoon and the streets were empty as I was going back home after school two
    month ago.  Suddenly I heard some noise under the nearest tree. I came up
    to the tree and saw a small puppy! He was clean and so pretty that I couldn't
    help smiling. Of couгse, I took this little
    miracle with me.

    Now my puppy is very fat
    and kind. Its head isn’t big. Its neck is short. Its paws are small. Its 
    eyes are black and clever. Its ears are small.

    My puppy likes to eat
    especially milk and chicken. Most of all Chapa likes to sleep and play. It's
    very funny and playfull. We play every evening.  I like my puppy very
    much. I think dogs are very careful and clever.

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