Розповідь де ти живеш?

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розповідь де ти живеш?

  • i live in the Ukrain. It is my naitive country. I`m sure, that Ukrain is the best country in the world. There are a lot of beautiful buildings in Ukrain. It`s not poluted by plants. Towns are full of majestic monuments.
     I love my country and hope that when i`l grow up i`l be able to make this country better.
  • Now I want to tell you
    about my native city Volgograd.
    It’s very large and the most beautiful city I have ever seen. I really enjoy
    the Museum - panorama, where a guide tells everybody about Stalingrad Battle. It
    is very interesting and unforgettable. We ride a boat along the great Russian
    river the Volga. There is a famous Mamaev
    Kurgan and a beautiful embankment in Volgograd.
    There are many cinemas and theatres in my city too. The hotel "Volgograd" is one of
    the most beautiful hotel of the city. Our city is worse visiting. Come to my
    place and see how amazing it is. We’ll walk or ride a bus round the city to see
    all the attractions and sightseeing.

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