Rewrite the sentencer using the example. Example:i like to trav

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Rewrite the sentencer using the example.                                                                                        Example:i like to travek a lot-I like travelling a lot.                                                            1. I like to swim best of all.-__________________________________________________                                             2. I like to play the guitar-____________________________________________________            3. They like to grow exotic flowers-_____________________________________________          4. i like to take photos of mu family-____________________________________________                                                               5. He likes to play chess with my dad-__________________________________________                                                                         6. I like to draw funny pictures-___________________________________________                                                                                                                                         7. she likes to dance best of all-_______________________________________________

  • I like swimming best of all
    I like playing the guitar
    They like growing exotic flowers
    I like taking photos of my family
    He likes playing ches with my dad
    I like drawing funny pictures
    She likes dancing best of all

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