Реферат на тему Аьай Кунанбаев

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реферат на тему Аьай Кунанбаев

  • Abay Kunanbayev (1845-1904) Abai Kunanbayev - the great Kazakh poet who has discovered new ways of development of native literature . Abai was the epitome of spiritual, creative forces of the Kazakh people , his wisdom, love of freedom , patriotism. With creativity Abaya due approval of the Kazakh literature of realism , the creation of the Kazakh language. The favorable effects of Abay has affected all areas of the Kazakh culture and art.
    Abai was born August 10, 1845 in the mountains of Chingiz current Semipalatinsk region. His father, Kunanbay , was the representative of a large Kazakh feudal nobility, powerful , willful , cruel man . Two remarkable women smart, fair , heart Zera grandmother and mother , kind , witty Ulzhanzhan kind of famous in the wilderness wit shansharov (" sharps ") brought Ibrahim. He grew attentive , impressionable boy , for which his mother gave it another name
    - Abay ( which means " attentive ", " shrewd "). Religious- scholastic program Semipalatinsk madrassas - Islamic religious school where his father was determined nine-year Abay could not meet the boy and he voluntarily enters the Russian parish school . Abay early ponder over the appointment of a high person wants to find a real business and it considers necessary for the acquisition of knowledge . He did not want to put up with lawlessness, with brutal patriarchal traditions and began to look for ways of his people, his exit from the state to build up the economic and spiritual. A powerful means of social development Abay believed the spread of education, knowledge and culture. Abay creates a poem, it is deeply troubling minded contemporaries. At the same time, he has been studying hard Russian culture, often visits the public library.

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