Рецепт салата на английском языке с переводомрецепт небольшой

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Рецепт салата на английском языке с переводом(рецепт небольшой)

  • Homentashen - tradytsyonnoe uhoschenye, kotoroe podaetsya on Purim feast. Treuholnychky poluchayutsya very vkusnыmy, sochnыmy. AS A filling also can be Require Poppy, Walnut and honey.
  • Vinaigrette saladComponents for vinaigrette:Potatoes – 3-4 pieces, carrots – 2-3 pieces, cucumbers (fermented) – 2 pieces, beet (small) – 1 piece, a bulb – 1 piece, peas (green) – 0,5 banks, cabbage (fermented) – 2 handfuls, salt, sunflower oil, vinegar – to taste, parsley (ornament).
    Vinaigrette recipe: It is necessary boiled beet, to exempt from a peel and to rub (largely), (cleared) to cut boiled carrots on cubes (it is possible straws), (in a uniform) also to crush boiled potatoes on cubes. To cut cucumbers on straws (it is possible cubes), to chop onions (small). Further, to connect the turned-out ingredients, to add peas, salt, cabbage, it is a little vinegar, sunflower oil, and properly to mix everything. To lay the prepared dish in a salad-dish and to issue (branch) parsley.

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