Ребяяяткии! help! желательно все три задания:3

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ребяяяткии! help!желательно все три задания:3

  • When I will be fifteen,I may buy a plane,I may buy Battlefield 5,I may buy a car,I may swim a lot and I may run a lot.I want to be able to swim fast,to run fast,to eat fast,to drink fast and to sing well.I won't be able to dance,to fly,to play computer games,to play the piano and to play the guitar.
    Задание 2
    1.He has been able to speak English in two years.2.Who will be able to help him tomorrow?3.Her brother could read when he was five.4.Where will we be able to see them next week?5.She couldn't swim last year.
    Задание 3.
    1.They won't be able to help us tomorrow,will they?2.He couldn't remember his friend's address.3.When will You be able to write a letter?4.I will probably phone her tomorrow.5.Nina knows his address,perhaps.

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