Ребят, срочно помогите!!!!В этом тексте найти предложения со степенями сравнения, найти 6 прилагательных в тексте. The population of the United Kingdo

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Ребят, срочно помогите!!!!
В этом тексте найти предложения со степенями сравнения, найти 6 прилагательных в тексте. 
The population of the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Northern Ireland is more than 57 million people. It is mostly
urban: nine tenth of it lives in towns and cities.

London, the largest city in Europe, dominates Britain.
It is home for the headquarters of all government departments, Parliament, the
major legal institutions and the monarch. It is the country's business and
banking center and the center of its transport network. It contains
headquarters of the national television networks and of all the national
newspapers. It is about 7 times larger than any other city in the country.
About a fifth of the total population of [lie United Kingdom lives in the Greater
London area.

Tin- country's second largest city is Birmingham. During the
industrial revolution, the city and the surrounding area of the west midlands,
known as the Black country, developed into the country's major engineering
center. Factories of Birmingham
still convert iron and steel into a vast variety of goods.

In northern England, there arc large deposits
of coal and iron ore. They enabled this area to lead the industrial revolution
in the 18th century. On the western side, the Manchester area became, in the 19th century,
world's leading producer of
cotton goods. On the eastern side, towns such as Bradford and Leeds
became the world's leading producers of woolen goods. Further south, Sheffield became a center for the production of steel
goods. Further north, around Newcastle,
shipbuilding is the major industry.

Glasgow in Scotland
is the third largest city in Britain.
It is associated with heavy industry and some of the worst housing conditions
in Britain.
However, this image is one-sided. Glasgow
has a strong artistic heritage. At the turn of the last century, the work of
the Glasgow
school put the city at the forefront of English design and architecture.

Edinburgh, which is half the size of Glasgow, is the city of
science and is associated with science, law and administration. This
reputation, together with many historic buildings has led to its being called
"The Athens of the North". The annual festival of the arts is
internationally famous.
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