Ребят помогите пожалуйста, очень срочно нужно!!! Написать сочинениедолжно быть 5 абзацев. Это тема:Some people think that professional sport is too trau

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Ребят помогите пожалуйста,очень срочно нужно!!! Написать сочинение(должно быть 5 абзацев).
Это тема:
Some people think that professional sport is too traumatic to be healthy, too demanding to be combined with good education and getting adequate social experience for children and teenagers to practice.

  • You can often hear the popular expression : " In a healthy body - healthy mind ." I never understood this idiotic sequence to put the cart before the horse. In my mind , a healthy body - it is always 100% product healthy mind . Because it is from your wisdom will depend on what and at what rate will turn your body . That, Well ... today we will learn in such a rare , despite its favor , a thing as a healthy lifestyle. We'll know what to do in order to be healthy , strong and happy life. I believe that all the efforts of the reasonable person should be aimed not at making patching and repair your body . And the fact , that to give himself a way of life in which the body as little as possible would be broke . Then there is no need to treat him , losing a lot of nice things around. It's pretty darn reasonable. But in practice, stick to it very few . Yes ! All are constantly told that health - the most expensive . But it should be , in practice , for him - one. Why ? Too many temptations around . Too many bad examples around. And too little accurate information . ... So it turns out that in the pursuit of "the good life" we lose our health. Nothing in the universe just does not happen. All balanced . For each, plus we get a minus . For each spent force we will get a reward. Therefore, for every "joy" be prepared to pay what is ! It is the law of communicating vessels : the more one is, the less the other. Drinking, drugs , gluttony, " big money " - all these pleasures will require in return your health and take away a slice of life. And the more "joy" , the more will have to pay for it . It turns out that as long as a person is poor , he is ready to give all their health to make money and pleasure . And when a man becomes rich, he is ready to give all their money for the sake of health and youth , which is associated with it . Because even though the time and often referred to as a good doctor , but even if it did, in any case , it is worthless kosmitolog !

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