РЕБЯТ ПОМОГИТЕ!!!!!надо Say what you know about Pamela Travers, the author of Mary Poppins. Use the Cultural quide if necessary. Плиззз

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РЕБЯТ ПОМОГИТЕ!!!!!надо Say what you know about Pamela Travers,the author of Mary Poppins.Use the Cultural quide if necessary.Плиззз 

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    Mary Poppins was born in Maryborough - Australia , Queensland. Parents were bank manager Travers Robert Goff (Travers Robert Goff) and Margaret Agnes (Margaret Agnes), before her marriage - Morehead (Morehead). Her father died when she was seven years old . Officially, the cause of her father's death was found " epileptic seizure delirium » (epileptic seizure delirium), but the Travers " always believed that the real reason was prolonged heavy drinking ."  Disney film "Mary Poppins " was released in 1964 ( the main role - Mary Poppins - played by actress Julie Andrews ) . The film was nominated for "Oscar" 13 nominations and won five awards . In the Soviet Union in 1983, was released the film " Mary Poppins , Goodbye ."

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