Ребят, очень нужно сочинение на тему “Как бы английский язык изменил мою жизнь”… заранее спасибо

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Ребят, очень нужно сочинение на тему "Как бы английский язык изменил мою жизнь"... заранее спасибо))

  • это не то но может поможет

    Английский - это моя жизньLong ago studying a foreign language was not necessary and people weren`t in need of it.In Shakespeare`s time English was spoken only by six million people and was a "provincial " language. But now at the beginning of the 21st millenium probably one billion people speak English.But the situation has changed greatly thanks to the expansion of all types of ties between countries in the world. A person who has a good command of a foreign language feels at ease not only in his native country but abroad too.I remember a good quatation said by Gohnson " language is the dress of thought". These words dress our thoughts better. A foreign language will enable a person to read English books in the original, to communicate with foreigners, to participate in cultural and educational exchanges with other countries.So, English plays a great role in our lives.People, who know foreign languages are necessary for the development of technics,economy and arts in modern society. People want to learn foreign languages to write their pen-friends or to communicate with them personally. People also want to read the works written by famous writers and also magazines in the original. Learning a foreign language is especially important in our country. As for me I am fond of English. I began studying it nine years ago and I have enjoyed my lessons since that time. I like everything in English: its pronunciation, its intonation, its songs and poetry. It`s a pity there is very few English classes at school. So, to improve my English I listen to the radio programmes, listen to the English songs and poems, I watch Englishfilms on TV, communicate with my English friend on the Internet, read compositions on the Internet and now as a result I am participating in the International competition in English. But the most important thing ,in my opinion, is speaking fluently. But it`s not an easy task as it might seen. That`s why I do all my best to learn English grammar well and to have good speaking skills.Certainly I haven`t mustered everything in English but I am absolutely sure that in a few years my command of the language will be perfect.
    English is a wondreful language. The great German poet Goethe once said "He, who knows no foreign language, does not know his own one".Indeed, knowledge of foreign language expands the knowledge of native one.And I fully agree that native language enrriches the knowledge of foreign languages.(Анна морозова)

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