Read the sentences and underline the right words.1.Don’t forget to turn the lights on/off before you go to bed.2.It’s an electric keyboard. It won’t w

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Read the sentences and underline the right words.
1.Don't forget to turn the lights (on/off) before you go to bed.
2.It's an electric keyboard. It won't work if you don't plug it (in/on)
3.The meal will be ready in ten minutes if we (put/take) it in the microwave.
4. You'll see a light on the front of the computer when you turn it(on/off).
5.Your jeans are in the washing machine. You can't take them (off/out) until the machine has stopped.
6. If there's a big storm, it's a good idea to(unplug/plug in) your computer.  

  • 1. off
    6. unplug

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