Расскажите о России, в 10 предложениях, можно поменьше, но самое главное..Первые предложения от первого лица, например:Hi. I am from Russia..ну как то так

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Расскажите о России,в 10 предложениях,можно поменьше,но самое главное..Первые предложения от первого лица,например:Hi.I am from Russia..ну как то так..заранее спасибо)

  • Hello. I am from Russia and i would like to tell you about it.
    the official name of our contry is the Repuplic of the russian federation. moscow is the capital of Russia and it was founded in 1147.There are over 2 milion rivers and mountian chains on the terretory of our contry.russia hve 3 symbols^ the russian troika , the birch tree and the russian national flag. putin is the russian president at the moment/there are a lot of monuments you can enjoy/i love my country very much
  • When I first arrived in Russia everything appeared to be rather grey and dark but as I came to the center there was a dramatic change. There were so many fantastic buildings with very interesting architecture. Moscow is definitely a city of contrasts. So rich in many ways, yet in other ways, quite poor. There is so much history there, you can feel it everywhere you go. Russia has produced a great number of very creative and talented people. I think, Russia is one of the countries of the world that must be seen!!

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