Рассказ по английскому на тему Мир через 100 лет . как измениться образование, медицина и мода

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рассказ по английскому на тему Мир через 100 лет . как измениться образование,медицина и мода 

  • I do not think that the world in 100 years will be very different from today .Work at least not as much as the world of today is different from the world in 1908 .No flying Flyers likely will not appear.Will ride just on the machines with four wheels. Only work they would no longer be on the products of oil refining.Well, the public will be better trasnport , magnetic levitation trains , and so on.One thing is for sure , it will be a world without oil, gas , coal and uranium.All fossil energy will be expended during the 21st century.And like it or not the world will have to change.The main problem is the energy future of the world . On thermonuclear hope silly fusion energy even if such reactors will be set up cost will be much more expensive than energy from coal , for example .What else will be, and what will not ?Different languages ​​and races are not going anywhere . There will be black and white, yellow and blue = )Politically, the world hardly be united. Different countries and will continue to exist . Economically , except that the planet rally . But it is already happening now .That the world has changed dramatically , has become completely one, it is necessary to have occurred and dramatic events .World War II , a meeting with extraterrestrial intelligence , asteroid = )I think without the skyscrapers with lots of forests and animals , with clean oceans , seas , lakes ... Without borders and nations , the free human society ... A surprising number of creative people who freely communicate with each other and develop ! Money is only as electronic maps and that if they continue to need them! I think that people will learn to communicate without the help of improvised means , but with the mind , the subconscious ! There will be no cars running on oil resources , all kinds of energy resources will move to solar , wind , and I think that will open any source of energy which is now very few people know ... Do not have a family , just be people or groups of people who like to live together, and children will bring up all the children and this will only be wiser and smarter ... That's how I want to see the planet Earth in 100 years ...

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