Рассказ на тему моя семья для 3 класса

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рассказ на тему моя семья для 3 класса

  • Now, I tell you about my family. I have the best family! I have got a brother. He is very joyful (веселый). He help me with homework and , sometimes play and walk with me. I have got a mom. She is very busy (занятая). My dad (папа) very like sit on sofa (диван) and watch TV (смотреть телевизор). Это все, если предложений мало, говори, я еще допишу. 
  • I have got a big family. There are 5 people in my family: my mum, dad, my brothers and me. My mum's name... She is work in... She is very busy, but she loves us and she always cares us. My dads name.. He is work in... He loves watch football on Tv. My brothers studies in school. I love my family very much.

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