Раскройте времена. Вроде бы не сложно, но я запуталсяPaul: Hello, Peter. What a surprise to meet you here in Madrid. Peter: Hey, Paul! Fancy meeting

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Раскройте времена. Вроде бы не сложно, но я запутался
Paul:   Hello, Peter. What a surprise to meet you here in Madrid.Peter: Hey, Paul! Fancy meeting you here. This place is fantastic.Paul:   Yes, it is. How long 1_______________ (you/be) here?Peter: Oh, I 2_______________ (arrive) last Saturday. I 3_______________ (stay) at the  Monaco Hotel. Where 4_______________ (you/stay)?Paul:   With my friend Carlos. I 5_______________ (be) here since last Monday.Peter: Which places 6_______________ (you/visit)?Paul:   Well, I 7_______________ (already/visit) the Prado Museum. I 8_______________ (go) there last Monday. It is fantastic. I 9_______________ (see) some beautiful paintings there. You really should go.Peter: I will, indeed. 10_______________ (you/be) to Palacio Real yet?Paul:   Yes, I 11_______________ (go) there yesterday. The state rooms 12______________   (be) magnificent.Peter: That sounds nice. 13_______________ (you/be) shopping at all?Paul:   No, I haven’t, but I 14_______________ (do) that soon. I 15_______________ (want)  to go to the Rastro Flea Market to buy some souvenirs.Peter: That’s a good idea. 16_______________ (you/try) paella yet?Paul:   Of course. I 17_______________ (go) to Lhardy Restaurant last night with some             friends. The food 18_______________ (be) just delicious.Peter: I see you don’t waste your time. What 19_______________ (you, do) tonight? Shall              we go out for a drink?   Paul:   I’d love to, but I can’t. I 20_______________ (go) to the opera to see Carmen. But            we can meet tomorrow.Peter: Okay, then. How about 7 o’clock at Bistro Cafe?Paul:   All right, see you tomorrow.Peter: See you. 

  • 1 are you
    2 arrived
    3 am staying
    4 are you staying
    5 am
    6 have you visited
    7 have already visited
    8 went
    9 saw
    10 - (((
    11 went
    12 are
    13 have you been
    14 will do
    15 do you want
    16 have you tried

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