Раскройте скобки, в правильнойРаскройте скобки, в правильной форме. My father was a fine mechanic. He love engines. And certanly I, too, should Fall in lov

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Раскройте скобки,в правильнойРаскройте скобки,в правильной форме. My father was a fine mechanic.He (love) engines.And certanly I,too,should ( Fall) in love with engines and automobiles. (Not,forget) that even befor I could (walk)? the workshop (be) my plauroom. My father (put) me there so that he could (keep) an eye on me all day long.My toys were springs and pistons that (lie) around all over the place,and these,I can (promise) you, (be) far more fun (play) with than most of the plastic toys most children (give) nowadays.   When I (grow) older and (be) five years old,my father (talk) to me about school. He (lay) a hand on my sholder. "I (want) you (become) a great mechanic. You (learn) a lot already. But when you (grow) up,I (hope) you (become) a great engineer,a man who (make) better engines for automobiles and airplanes. For that you (need) a really good education".

  • he lovedshould fall inDon't forgetcould walk wasputkeepliedpromisewereplayingare givengrewweretalkedlayedwantto becomemakesneed

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