Расказ на английском о эмайр стелт билдиннг

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расказ на английском о эмайр стелт билдиннг

  • The Empire State Building - 102- story skyscraper located in New York City on the island of Manhattan . Office building. From 1931 to 1970 , before the opening of the North Tower of the World Trade Center , was one of the tallest buildings in the world . In 2001, when the towers collapsed World Trade Center , a skyscraper again became the tallest building in New York City until 2012, when the World Trade Center under construction 1 has reached greater heights . The architecture of the building referred to a style of art deco .In 1986, the Empire State Building is listed in the national historical monuments SSHA.V 2007 the building became the number one in the list of the best American architectural solutions according to the American Institute arhitektorov.Vladeltsem and manage the building is the company W & H Properties. The tower on Fifth Avenue between Western and 33rd 34th streets.

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