Put the verb into the more suitable form, present continuous or present simple.1. I’m going go to the theatre this evening.2. Does the film begin the

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Put the verb into the more suitable form, present continuous or present simple.

1. I'm going (go) to the theatre this evening.

2. Does the film begin (the film/begin) at 3.30 or 4.30?

3. We --- (have) a party next Saturday. Would you like to come?

4. The art exhibition --- (open) on 3 May and --- (finish) on 15 July.

5. I --- (not/go) out this evening. I --- (stay) at home.

6. '--- (you/do) anything tomorrow morning?' 'No, I'm free. Why?'

7. We --- (go) to a concert tonight. It --- (begin) at 7.30.

8. You are on the train to London and you ask another passenger:

Excuse me. What time --- (this train/get) to London?

9. You are talking to Ann:

Ann, I --- (go) to town. --- (you/come) with me?

10. Sue --- (come) to see us tomorrow. She --- (travel) by train and her train --- (arrive) at 10.15. I --- (meet) her at the station.

11. I --- (not/use) the car this evening, so you can have it.

12. You and a friend are watching television. You say:

I'm bored with this programme. When --- (it/finish)?

  • 1.to go 2.begin 3.shall have 4.will open,will finish 5.will not go,shall stay 6.will you do 7.shall go,will begin 8.this train will get 9.I shall go,would you 10.will come,will travel,will arrive,I shall meet.11.shall not use 12.When will it finish?

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