Put the sentences into negative and interrogative forms1 She is a teacher2 My Mum gets many letters3 We like our school4 She has a lot of flowers5 The

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put the sentences into negative and interrogative forms

1) She is a teacher
2) My Mum gets many letters
3) We like our school
4) She has a lot of flowers
5) There is a book on the table
6) He should help his Mother
7) There are five buses in the street
8) It is seven oclock in the morning

  • 1) She isn't a teacher
    Is she a teacher?
    2)My Mum doesn't get many letters.
    Does my Mum get many lettters?
    3) We don't like our school.
    Do we like our school?
    4)She doesn't have a lot of flowers.
    Does she have a lot of flowers?
    5)There isn't a book on the table.
    Is there a book on the table?
    6)He shouldn't help his mother.
    Should he help his mother?
    7)There aren't five buses in the street.
    Are there five buses in the street?
    8)It isn't seven o'clock in the morning.
    Is it seven o'clock in the morning?

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