Прошу помочь. Complete the sentences.1.At sleep-over parties friends …2. Friends usually go to sleep very late because…3. My mum is cooking Japanes

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Прошу помочь.
Complete the sentences.
1.At sleep-over parties friends ...
2. Friends usually go to sleep very late because...
3. My mum is cooking Japanese food because ...
4. At the theme parties people usually ...
5. Some other kinds of parties are ...
6. At the outdoor parties we usually ...
7. After outdoor parties we sometimes ...
Vocabulary box:
badge, fancy, glue, guest, invitation, pastime, theme

  • 1 have a fun.
    2they cant stop speaking to each other
    3 she likes japanese culture
    4 dance
    5 pijama party and swim party
    6 have drinks
    7get drunk

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