Привет всем нужно сделать только 32 задание

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привет всем нужно сделать только 32 задание

  • 1) Last week I spent about 20( twenty) hours in front of TV.
    2) As I am fond of reading there are more than 200 ( two hundred) books in my case.
    3) I have about one hundred roubles ( 100 ) with me.
    4) I've got thirty two teeth. (32)
    5) I have looked in the mirror about ten times today.
    6) I laughed at the break last time.
    7) I wrote a letter yesterday.
    8) My height is one metre fifty centimetres (1метр 50 см)
    9) My weight is fourty kilograms (40 кг)
    10) I am fourteen. (14)
    Измени цифры согласно своим параметрам, т.к. я брала их , как говорится, с потолка.

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