Придумайте пожалуйста 20 предложений со словом let

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Придумайте пожалуйста 20 предложений со словом  let

  • 1) Let me introduce myself
    2) Let me see
    3) Let's go for a walk
    4) Let me pay for your coffee
    5) Let's play hockey
    6) Let's draw a picture
    7) Let us read this text
    8) Let me go there alone
    9) Let me write a letter to her
    10) Let's speak English
    11) Let the dog go to the yard
    12) Let your cat eat a piece of meat
    13) Let your son watch this film
    14) Let your children go away
    15) Let me speak to your teacher
    16) Let's do this work by ourselves
    17) Let's do our homework
    18) Let me go, my sister is waiting for me
    19) Let's dance together
    20) Don't let her cry

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