PRESENT SIMPLEPRESENT CONTINUOUSA rightB wrong in this case correct the sentence, please 1. Tom is in his room. He plays the piano. 2. Jill

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A right
B wrong (in this case correct the sentence, please) 
1.      Tom is in his room. He plays the piano.
 2.      Jill is speaking five languages. 
3.      I am looking for my glasses. Where are they? 
4.      My brother is smoking 20 cigarettes a day. 
5.      I am not understanding what he is speaking about. 
6.      John is tired, so he has a short sleep. 
7.      The man in the dark grey coat is looking like Tom Garrett. 
8.      He doesn't like ballroom dancing. 
9.      I'm looking out of the window, but I'm not seeing him. 
10.  I am remembering that holiday we had in France a few years ago.  
11.  How much is it costing to send a letter to Paris? 
12.  My parents are never drinking strong coffee. 
13.  I hate big cities. 
14.  The play is beginning at half past seven. 
15.  What are you thinking of that novel? 
16.  What are you thinking about? 
17.  I am hoping Mag comes out of hospital soon.

  • 1.b  2.b 3.a  4.b   5.b   6.b  7.b   8.a   9.
    b    10.b   11.b   12.b  13.a   14.b    15.b    16.a    17. b

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