Present perfect simple or the present perfect continuous1 It rain … all day ! Why can’t it stop?2 Diana wear … twelve different dresses in the pas

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Present perfect simple or the present perfect continuous
1) It (rain) ... all day ! Why can't it stop?
2) Diana (wear) ... twelve different dresses in the past week !
3) I (do) ... everything you asked. What should I do now? 
4) John and Pauline (try) ... to find a house for ages, but they can't find one they can afford. 

  • 1) It has been raining ... all day ! Why can't it stop?
    2) Diana has worn twelve different dresses in the past week !
    3) I have done everything you asked. What should I do now? 
    4) John and Pauline have been trying to find a house for ages, but they can't find one they can afford
  • 1. It has rained 2. Has been wearing 3. Have done 4.have tried

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