Present Perfect or Past Simple?1. A:_____________ you/ever/be on a skiing holiday? B: Yes, I have. We _________ have afamily holiday in

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Present Perfect or Past Simple?

A:_____________ (you/ever/be) on a skiing holiday?

        B: Yes, I have. We _________ (have) a
family holiday in the Alps last year.

        A: Which resort _____________ (you/go) to?

        B: We __________ (stay) in Wengen.

A: _______________ (you/ever/be) to one of Karl
Mason’s seminars? 

        B: Yes, I have. I ________ (go) to one a
couple of months ago.

        A: What __________ (it/be) like.

        B: I __________ (think) it _________ (be)
very interesting.

A: ______________ (you/ever/hear) of a place called

        B: Yes, it’s in Surrey. I ________ (do) a
training course there when

I _________ (be)                 with the bank.

       A: Which bank __________ (you/work) for?

       B: Lloyds, but I ___________ (not/stay)
with them very long.


  • 1.
    А:Have you ever been on a skiing holiday?
    В: Yes,I have. We had a family holiday in the Alps last year
    А: Which resort did you go to?
    В: We stayed in Wengen.
    А: Have you ever been to one of Karl Mason's seminars?
    В: Yes,I have. I went to one a couple of months ago.
    А: What it was like?
    В: I think it was very interesting.
    А: Have you ever heard of place called Hindhead?
    В: Yes,it's in Surrey. I did training course there when i was with the bank.
    А: Which bank did you work for?
    В: Lloyds,but i didn't stay with them for a long time.

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