Преобразовать предложения в косвенную речь 1. Не asks me: “Can you give me your pen?” 2. She says: “Has he already come home after lessons?” 3. They s

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Преобразовать предложения в косвенную речь 

1. Не asks me: "Can you give me your pen?" 
2. She says: "Has he already come home after lessons?" 
3. They say to him: "Which school do you go to?" 
4. Liz asks: "Are you seeing the manager tomorrow?" 
5. My mother tells me: "Where have you put my book?" 
6. She asks: "How long have you been translating this article?" 
7. Jane asks: "Did you go to London last year?" 
8. "Are you busy now?" Nick asks his brother. 
9. Kate's mother says: "What marks have you got at school?" 
10. She asks me: "When will you go to the USA?" 

  • 1. Не asks me if I can give him my pen 
    2. She asks if he has already come home after lessons
    3. They ask him which school he goes to
    4. Liz asks if I am seeing the manager the next day
    5. My mother asks me where I have put her book 
    6. She asks how long I have been translating this article 
    7. Jane asks if I had gone  to London the year before
    8.  Nick asks his brother if he is bisy now. 
    9. Kate's mother asks what marks I have got at school
    10. She asks me when I'll go to the USA

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