Пожалуйста помогите срочно нужен мини рассказ про Ломоносова max 10 предложений

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пожалуйста помогите срочно нужен мини рассказ про Ломоносова (max 10 предложений)

  • The first Russian scientist, a writer, historian, and artist. Lomonosov was born 19 November (old style - November 8), 1711, in the village Denisovka volost near the village of Kholmogory, Archangelsk province, in a peasant family of Pomor Vasily Дорофеевича Lomonosov, engaged in sea fishing on their courts. Mother Lomonosov, who died very early, was the daughter of a deacon. Two мачех Lomonosov second was "evil and envious". About the first years of life Lomonosov there is scant information. The best moments were childhood trip with his father in the sea. Even mother-Lomonosov learned to read. "The gate of learning" for him are made from something they obtained the book: "Grammar" Smotrytsky, "Arithmetic" Magnitsky, "Verse Psalm" Simeon polotski.

                                                 Вот Ломоносов.))) 

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