Пожалуйста помогите продолжить предложения! 1.it`s winter. it`s cold and windy. that`s why i`m going to put on …2.it`s autumn. it`s rainy and cloudy

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пожалуйста помогите продолжить предложения! 1.it`s winter.it`s cold and windy.that`s why i`m going to put on ...2.it`s autumn.it`s rainy and cloudy.that`s why Kate.... 3.it`s summer.it`s warm and sunny...

  • 1. My favorite sweater
    2. Wears her raincoat
    3. That's why I drink a lot of water
  • 1. ... to put on my fur coat
    2. ... Kate is going to take her umbrella
    3... that's why I am going to swim

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